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Sep 12
VISION OPTOMETRISTS sunglasses and frames sale

Can you SEE the score?

If not, get your eyes examined during the Rugby World Cup and stand a chance to be one of two winners of Oakley sunglasses. Terms and conditions apply. Valid for all eye examinations from 16th September until 2nd November 2019. END OF SEASON SALE Get 30% off selected frames from... read more →
Aug 06

đź‘“ Are your eyes dry?

Dry eyes are a reality in our harsh Joburg winters If you experience burny, teary, sandy or gritty eyes, you may have chronic dry eyes. Drinking caffeinated drinks in the cold weather is comforting -  but it doesn’t really help a dry eye and can even worsen the symptoms.Let’s have... read more →
Aug 05
May 16

VISION boosts your budget! – 15 May 2019

VISION boosts your budget! As we all know the cost of living is rising dramatically. The cost of quality eyewear is no different and is directly affected by the economy and exchange rate. VISION has been working hard to reduce costs while at the same time maintaining quality. Through our... read more →
May 10

Optical Illusions – How the Brain can Trick Us

The human brain tricks us whenever it can! The following images (famously created by Akiyoshi Kitaoka) are not animated - they seem to move even though they are static (they work even when printed). Keep staring and you will notice curious rotating motions: This image has a subtle rippling effect... read more →
May 02

Examples of premium anti reflection coatings

SEIKO SRC PREMIUM PROTECTION IN EVERY SITUATION The SEIKO SuperResistantCoat (SEIKO SCC) offers Innovative coating that delivers both enhanced protection against scratches and robust anti-reflection properties. Its durable surface also repels dirt and water. Thanks to the anti-static coating, dust cannot cling to the lenses, which means they are easy... read more →
May 01

Optimum Nutrition for Your Eyes

Ocular nutrition and eye health is an important part of helping maintain our vision and eye health as we age. Healthy vision and the human eye is related to the health of the individual parts of the eye – the cornea, iris, macula, lens, optic nerve, pupil, retina and the... read more →
May 01

Caring for Your Eyes

1. Regular eye examinations Bi-annual eye test should be performed between ages 6-40 yrs and thereafter annual eye examinations are advised,especially in patients with systemic diseases that may influence vision,such as diabetes or if they have a family history of eye disease such as glaucoma. We recommend annual eye examinations... read more →
May 01

Caring for Your Contact Lenses

1. Types of Contact Lenses Contact lenses are classified based on the material they are made of and the wearing schedule of each type of lens. We fit all of the listed contact lenses and our Optometrists are experienced in the fitting of hard gas permeable contact lenses which include... read more →
May 01

Transitions Optical Tips

The eyes are just as vulnerable if not more vulnerable to UV rays as the skin, yet eighty-five percent of South African’s don’t think that damage to the eyes is one of the most harmful effects of extended exposure to the sun. This and other startling results were revealed in... read more →