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Mar 11

Issue 11, March 2011

Issue 11, March 2011 We can't believe it! The first two months of 2011 has come and gone! Time is literally flying! This is our first issue for 2011, and we do value your feedback as it gives us an idea on what we are doing right and where we... read more →
Dec 10

Issue 10, December 2010

Issue 10, December 2010 "Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given - when Christmas Day comes there is still the same warm feeling we had as children,... read more →
Nov 09

Issue 9, November 2010

Issue 9, November 2010 Daily disposable contact lenses enable you to face every new day with a fresh pair of lenses. No cleaning, no hassle, no lens care. Sportsmen and women, travellers and holiday makers can all experience the convenience of a fresh pair of lenses every morning, which are... read more →
Sep 10

Issue 8, September 2010

Issue 8, September 2010 by Marlene Jacobs (Vision Optometrists) Spring 2010 offers the hottest new fashion eyewear, ranging from bigger, bolder and brighter colours. Men can expect action packed sports eyewear, with bold colours, contrasting tones and different shapes and sizes. Retro is back with a mixture of round and... read more →
Aug 10

Issue 7, August 2010

Issue 7, August 2010 by Marlene Jacobs (Vision Optometrists) Dry eye disease is one of the most common ocular conditions optometrists encounter on a daily basis. 3.5% to 33% of the population suffers from dry eyes. The following factors pose a risk to the normal function of the eye’s surface:... read more →
Jul 06

Issue 6, July 2010

Issue 6, July 2010 Cycling is fast becoming one of the biggest and more popular sporting codes in our city. Vision Optometrists would like to ensure you and your visual system remain safe on our roads and to this end bring you a few useful tips on safe handling and... read more →
Jun 05

Issue 5, June 2010

"Ke Nako" means "We Can" and have we ever!! Our cities, roads and stadia are ready to welcome the world. Hello again and hyper-football mania greetings from your eye care team, Vision Optometrists. Excitement is mounting with the World Cup on our very own doorstep, so join us as we... read more →
Jan 10


Gloukoom – oog-kondisie sonder pyn wat stadig u visie tot niet maak, (kliek hier vir simulasie van gloukoom se skade). Die gewone toets vir gloukoom, ons almal ken die "skiet jou in die oog" toets is ook nie so akuraat in die diagnose van gloukoom soos voorheen aanvaar nie. Studies... read more →
Oct 04

Issue 4, October 2009

Welcome to the Summer Edition of See Your World! Hello again and warm summer-filled greetings from your eye care team, Vision Optometrists. Whilst the health and fitness centres are packed with us working off our "winter coats", have we considered our eye care for this summer? This edition highlights the... read more →
Jul 10

Issue 3, July 2009

Welcome to the Winter Edition of See Your World! Welcome to the winter edition of your informative eye care newsletter. Dryness is something we all struggle with during the Highveld winters, not only our skin, but for very many, our eyes really do struggle. Make sure to read the article... read more →