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Do you have Glaucoma?

Do you have Glaucoma?

Glaucoma – is the silent thief of sight, as it is painless and symptoms appear slowly. In addition, the common “puff test” has been shown to miss the disease in one third of patients who have glaucoma. As many as 2 million South Africans are unaware of the fact that they are suffering from Glaucoma – are you one of them?

The statistics are more and more alarming and every single adult, or offspring of a glaucoma patient, should embark on regular and routine glaucoma screening.

We have invested in the world’s newest and most accurate Glaucoma screening machine – the Zeiss Gdx™ polametry laser.

The ZEISS Gdx™ exam is safe and comfortable and takes 3 minutes or less. It scans the retinal nerve fibre layer in the back of the eye using polarized light and measures its thickness at 36,000 points. These measurements are then mapped by computer and compared to those of healthy, glaucoma-free patients. An abnormally thin nerve fibre layer indicates that glaucoma may be present. This significant diagnostic breakthrough has been found to provide precise, accurate information to help diagnose glaucoma earlier, and could help us start treatment before any vision loss occurs.

Including the ZEISS Gdx exam in our practice is another example of our commitment to provide the most advanced and comprehensive eyecare services. If you have any questions about your vision or the health of your eyes, please contact our practices. We are more than happy to help with any of your eyecare needs.

Losing vision means missing life, so schedule a Glaucoma screening on the Zeiss Gdx Laser before glaucoma sneaks up on you.

  • Date July 26, 2018
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